Tiens Group 19th Anniversary Celebration was Grandly Kicked
off in Moscow,Go Beyond the Dream with 19 Years' Great Plan of TIENS to Build Health Cause; Lead the Future with the Third Take-off to Jointly Create Bright Future




On August 9 of 2014, Moscow Olympic Stadium was shined by Tiens celebrities, lighted by neon glow, millions of people danced with pleasure; 25,000 Tiens family members from nearly 50 countries and regions came together, and you could hear passionate calling in different languages, the loud voice of success and joy composed the carol of Tiens Group 19th Anniversary Celebration. Chairman Li Jinyuan and President Bai Ping jointly started gorgeous chapter with senior executives, honored guests and Tiens elites of different races from different countries, and kicked off the celebration together for the third take-off, cheering for the common dream of Tiens family members marching toward the rank of world's top 500.

On the celebration, President Bai Ping made a passionate speech and reviewed brilliant successes that achieved by Tiens Group in the past 19 years, which was contributed to foresight and sagacity of Chairman Li Jinyuan and endeavors of "5+2", "black + white", and "7*24" to go through various tests and challenges. Chairman Li Jinyuan's dream of "healthy people serve society" gathered millions of successful people seeking for happy life, they choose TIENS, trust TIENS and Chairman Li Jinyuan and march forward along with the common dream. President Bai Ping encouraged all Tiens partners in the celebration. As the third take-off has been launched, she will lead Tiens family members around the world, conforming to strategic thought and plan specified by Chairman Li Jinyuan, to lift the level of global market and achieve major development through intensive cultivation, acceleration and incensement as well as enhancement of quality. Tiens Group will launch a series of business plans and educational system support with great influence next year, so as to blaze channel accessing to fortune which is easy to usher in with increased income for Tiens partners around the world and help them achieve success of career. Besides, Tiens Group plans to launch "TIENS Travel of Passion" featuring luxury and dignity in France in 2015, and hold the 20th Anniversary Celebration in Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium (nicknamed as "Water Drop" due to its special design) which ever undertook Olympic games, and at that time, TIENS will welcome global Tiens family members come back home! The splendid speech made by President Bai Ping boiled the celebration.

This celebration was themed with "Go Beyond the Dream and Lead the Future", held the strategic thought of developing "Great Health Industry" which indicates the development pattern of Tiens global cause. The celebration not only presented excellent artistic performance featuring Russian customs, but also honored and awarded Tiens elites, exhibited new products and assembled special meeting for sharing ideas. Tiens Group 19th Anniversary Celebration marked brilliant successes of globalization achieved by Tiens Group, embodying its business philosophy of "coexistence, co-development and win-win", a start point of the take-off of Tiens Group.

Along with warm applause and slogan calling, Chairman Li Jinyuan came to the stage and made an excellent speech; in his speech, Mr. Li expressed his appreciation to the support and help given to Tiens Group in the past 19 years, and expressed his gratitude to Tiens partners for their trust and fidelity. And he reviewed the history of Tiens Group with audiences: from exploratory stage, determination to develop great health industry, firm insistence for globalization and international brand; based on the review, he summarized "three contents and six elements" for Tiens cause, and indicated that Tiens cause have boosted the prosperity of economy, promoted social harmony and enhanced personnel qualities; in terms of career development, Tiens Group has been insisting on integrity and people first, abidance of laws and regulations, sustainable innovation, laying emphasis on brand effect, fulfilling enterprise social responsibility and striving to build TIENS into a world-renowned Chinese brand, so as to build a global platform for the development of great health industry. Tiens cause is beneficial to every country, every society and every citizen and it is a cause that can be operated sustainably, and it is ushering in the third take-off. We believe that, with our dream, strength, targets and action, more and more people will live a happy and healthy life; as Tiens Group carries Tiens family members' dreams, Tiens dream, China dream and even the world dream, so Tiens Group will go beyond the dream to guide the future of great health industry.

In the past 19 years, Tiens Group has been keeping the development direction forwarding global health industry, actively adapting to the updates and changes of global consumption trend, further integrating the enhancement of hi-tech innovation capacity and improvement of modern industrial system; besides, the Group has been centered on consumers and preserving in innovation. Tiens Group opened up an international development road for great health industry with Tiens features by virtue of high-quality and green health products, global leading health management and services and high-end biomedical technology, which brought healthy, green and safe life with high quality for 30 million families around the world, remarking a successful transformation and strategic layout and efforts to promote rapid development of health industry.

Facing future, Tiens Group will take great health industry banner, based on health products and marketing mode, by the methods of health management and health risk assessment, take globalized mobile electric commerce as carrier to realize innovative development and interaction of resources and industries including health industry, retail industry, modern service industry, mobile electric commerce, hotel tourism and modern network finance, so as to blaze the future of global massive health industry and boost the synchronous development of business partners and Tiens cause for co-existence, co-development and win-win. Tiens families believe they will go beyond their dreams to guide the future and usher in a better tomorrow.


With the wings of growth and development flying, TIENS crossed rivers and even the ocean, and gained great momentum for innovation and leaping forward. It is also this pair of wings that brought Tiens citizens to the great land of Moscow – the venue of Tiens Group 19th Anniversary Celebration. As a place for grand get-together of all Tiens citizens, Moscow will show eye-catching brilliance and glamour by opening its arms to every Tiens citizen taking part in the celebration.

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